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    100 minds – 8 mins with each.

    In simple maths, every one of the 100 who saw the videos, was kept engaged for at least 8 minutes. Assuming they didn’t see all of the videos – a sales guy was around to continue conversations.

    Humans have recently surpassed the attention span of a goldfish. And you thought keeping a goldfish engaged was easy….

    Knowcross sells a service automation and management software to Hotels. It’s called Triton. Some of the world’s reputed hotels are their customers. For good reason – the tool is just remarkable to see at work.

    Recently they attended HiTec – world’s largest and most expansive hospitality technology event.

    “We were one of the last to book our space and we missed the best spots on the floor. Even with that, we managed to get about 200 people to the booth in 3 days. And about half of them we kept engaged through a touchscreen that played the 8 videos.”

    Neha Singh | Senior Manager Marketing at Triton


    Here are the 8 videos in their glory.

    Triton EngineeringTriton MobileTriton SupervisorTriton Attendant




    Content is one of those things a marketer has to spend money on. The pursuit, however – is to find the highest ROI from content. 

    Here are 3 things that made their conference content investment a high return exercise:

    1. Spray it. Don’t just say it.

    Pepper your audience with multiple small bite sized information.

    When you are expecting guests – as in a trade show particularly – try to put up more than a single piece of information.

    So 100 brochures is great. But a choice between 20 each of 5 types of brochures – is a better idea. Within the first audience set (5 – 10 people), you’d know which brochures to send the mascot with.

    “The 37 inch touchscreen had an application running. So after they see one video, they’d be presented with another one, and then another. This allowed us to comprehensively cover the product and its propositions without them getting bored with one long video. ”

    – Neha Singh. senior Manager Marketing at Triton.

    2. Address different causes.

    If you can solve my problem – tell me how much you’ll charge. You’ve got 8 seconds. Go.

    So Engineering has its own problems. Housekeeping has its own problems. The management has its own problems. And individuals within these units – have their own problems.

    For Engineering – they made a different story – connected to the engineering’s cause. See this.
    For Housekeeping – they made a different story – connected to the housekeeping’s cause. See this.
    And for Senior Management – they made a more overarching story – connected to the business’ cause. See this.

    So if Joe the CEO wanted to check with Bob the CTO – they would both just huddle at the booth. There’s a bunch of smartie pants ready to answer questions.

    Instant gratification as many cultures call it.

    3. Consistent and simple visuals

    We eat with our eyes – as taught in culinary schools. That’s why plating is important.

    Did your eyes catch the variation in the color RED above ?

    In their case, the characters were simple with little detailing. So there was no distraction. And the colors and icons are consistent.

    See the image to the left – there are 3 slides one below the other.

    Did your eyes catch the slight change in color?

    Imagine how distracted you’d get if the characters, scenes, music, or even narrator’s voice changed on each video. 

    They got this done from a single creative team. A set of minds that didn’t change during the production process. This ensured visuals and audio and the look n feel and the sounds and voices – were all synchronized. Everything looks and sounds in sync.

    Its like Ballet.

    So the costumes were same colors. The characters were similar. The situations and icons were similar. Think different episodes of a television series.

    If you have dabbled in Video marketing, what kind of results have you got from your initiatives? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Know your audience.
    Susant Pattnaik: Real Life ‘Doremon’ or an Innovation Champ?

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    • rakesh

      Videos has been very effective marketing tools from quite sometime and that is how Youtube and couple more realized and grew so BIGG. I think GTW can make professional videos more affordable and within the reach of larger number of businesses

      • http://sameer-agarwal.com Sameer Agarwal

        Hey Rakesh – thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

        You know, a lot of people consider VIDEO to automatically mean ‘camera’ work. That’s what the world has been obsessed with for so long. But only recently has Animation become mainstream because Hollywood found acceptance in its customer-base.

        Animated stories have a huge advantage over camera based work – they’re produced in artificial environments (created by software and computers). And there’s no dependence on the Talent – it will do what you tell it to.

        So if the creative team has the right juices – marketing functions can create very engaging stories that will work everywhere.

        Today companies spend tons to get that 1 single video that they’ll use on their website. But that’s just ONE story – there are so many stories that customers aren’t aware of – cause no one reads.

        I hope you read this though… 😉

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