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    5 reasons why you should NOT attend #SaaSx4

    SaaSx4 is here! It is an event for SaaS founders, by SaaS founders.

    Generally, event invites to entrepreneurs focus on why it is imperative to network and learn at the event.

    SaaSx is different though. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t attend the event!

    You hate criticism!  

    SaaSx is all about learning. The speakers and mentors at the event will be honest and brutal in the feedback they dish out about your strategies. All their experience combined is out there for you to take! If you won’t be comfortable with that, you should skive it off.


    You like the Status Quo

    • Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, calculated ones that pay big dividends. There are a lot of people who prefer playing it safe and do make good progress.SaaSx4 is about how ‘Survival is not enough’ and if you do not wish to explore uncharted territories of SaaS entrepreneurship, SaaSx might not be your cup of tea.

    SaaSx4 home

    You don’t love networking

    • If all you wanted to do was learn, a webinar or even a YouTube video would suffice! Events are all about networking with people and gaining contacts and SaaSx is the best place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the country.
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    Have you figured out your product, have a scalable plan for your company and sorted out your marketing roadblocks? If not, there is a good chance that you can learn a lot from SaaSx4.

    You know the whole nine yards!

    Some like fun learning, some don’t! If you fall into the later category, you will feel out of place at SaaSx. Here, we believe in infusing a learning opportunity with every opportunity for fun. If you hate the crowd and getting social, you might not fit it at SaaSx.

    You don’t like mixing work and fun

    Of course, if any of these reasons seem inappropriate you must get on a SaaSy ride to Chennai on the 17th of March to experience SaaSx4 in all its glory!SaaSx4

    Guest Post by Arvind Parthiban, Zarget

    You may have a viable product but do you have a viable business?
    From Bootstrapped to Angeled : Is it your idea or product ?

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