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    Are you a #MadeInIndia Software product company that sells to Enterprise segment?

    Do you like to share the success on a global platform? Here is your golden opportunity…..don’t miss it!! The members of this exclusive group are the best and brightest CIOs from some of the cream of the global companies like Aetna, Bechtel, Boeing, BP, Caterpillar, Disney, Dow, ExxonMobil, FedEx, Ford, GM, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, JPMChase, McDonalds, MetLife, Pfizer, P&G, Starbucks, Shell, Toyota, Wal-Mart, etc. to mention a few. The exceptional quality of the actively participatory membership and the prohibition against attendance by substitutes is the cornerstone of the value proposition of this group. Their meetings include a range of guests, starting with top executives of major industry firms. Steve Ballmer, John Chambers, Michael Dell, Ginni Rometty, Sheryl Sandberg, Joe Tucci and Meg Whitman have all participated, usually repeatedly. They are based our of US and they are coming to our doorsteps, to be precise, to Bangalore to see our product and how it can do in the global market and this I feel is a golden opportunity for all Indian product companies including startups to demo your product in front of the group representative.

    The group I am talking about is CIO Strategy Exchange (CIOSE) and you can find all about it here ciose.com. Its director Ernest M. von Simson (Ernie) will be in Bangalore during last week of February to hear to your business impact of selected top 7 product companies from India and here is the opportunity to be that top 7.

    If you feel you have a great business impact story that you wish to share and if you have global aspirations and you are missing that global networking opportunity, here is your opportunity. If you feel you are eligible and ready to showcase your product, please apply online before 7th February 2013. Looking forward to seeing all here.

    This initiative is jointly conducted by ProductNation and CIOSE. If you any questions or concerns please reach out to Avinash(at)pn.ispirt.in or Manju.M(at)i7nw.com.

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    Jan, 31
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