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Ashutosh Garg
Ashutosh Garg

I am a management consultant by profession, currently working with Zinnov. I have worked with Fortune 1000 companies on diverse engagements including Offshore advisory, India Center's growth strategy, M&A target identification, Market advisory, etc. I have been an advisor to startups like PriceCheckIndia and Wildbeez. I founded a not-for-profit venture called Ecofreaks in 2011. It was focused at mobilizing people regarding best practices in waste management. Ecofreaks got a lot of limelight in the local media in Bangalore. I like writing about entrepreneurial ecosystem in India as a guest author at ( I have done my Computer Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering(DCE).

  • Know your audience.

    October 23, 2013

    We, Indian entrepreneurs, can think big, can write code, can build a sustainable business, can raise money and we might as well make a successful exit but we still face challenges in making a 2… MORE >>

  • What’s your Sales Story?

    June 27, 2013

    Whenever faced by dilemma over any issue pertaining to sales and marketing, I recall a famous quote by Ben Feldman, who is considered one of the best salespeople in world history. Don’t sell life insurance…. MORE >>

  • Entrepreneurship as an extra-curricular and hobby

    April 02, 2013

    If today a survey in done in schools across India and students are asked some questions like,         What are your favorite hobbies or pastime?         What do you… MORE >>

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