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Bob Wright

Robert M. Wright has over 20 years of experience in the high technology industry and specializes in the creation of break-away strategies and unblocking critical problems to build substantial market value. He has been at the vanguard of innovative positioning and sales enablement strategies for the industry and is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on these topics. Bob brings a unique combination of operational experience and a strategic viewpoint, which allow him to help both emerging growth companies and global leaders on accelerating substantial revenue growth and unfair market advantage. Bob was a Partner at Marketing Arts, Inc. for 18 years and is now the Managing Director of Firebrick Consulting, Inc.

  • Get Your Story Straight

    July 05, 2012

    What do top technology companies have in common? Think about SalesForce, IBM,VMware, Workday, Apple, Riverbed, Cisco.  What separates market leaders and category creators from the rest of the pack? They tell powerful stories. Stories matter. We see it over and over… MORE >>

  • 8 Symptoms: You Know You Have A Positioning Problem When….

    April 05, 2012

    A change in strategy changes everything. It cannot be undertaken lightly. Capitalizing on a change in strategy or inflection point often requires solving a new customer problem, selling and marketing to a different set of buyers and competing… MORE >>

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