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Jainendra Kumar

Jai is Director Product Development at Pitney Bowes, responsible for product, platform and solutions conceptualization, architecture, design, implementation, quality, onetime within budget delivery, customer satisfaction and PDL management . He is a business and technology visionary, brings ideas and concepts to realization through cutting edge technology solutions. He has 16 years of global experience in Product Development, Software Engineering, R&D, Continuous Innovation, Engineering Efficiency, Agility, Lean and other processes.

  • New age platform. What it could be?

    February 07, 2013

    We have multiple definitions of platform, but in today’s world where reaching out to people is so easy and absolutely free, one can argue that in today’s context a platform is a vehicle to extend… MORE >>

  • 5 Key Considerations for Platform Approach

    December 26, 2012

    Platform mean different things to different people depending on who you ask. It is not just related to software or computer hardware industry but is also very relevant and prevalent in other industries also. It… MORE >>

  • Is marketing function that we all know of is all set to change?

    November 05, 2012

    Starting from where I left in my previous blog on new generation of solutions based on  nexus of converging forces – social, mobile, cloud and information, I thought this time I will focus on a specific… MORE >>

  • New generation of solutions will emerge in coming few years that will change our lives and it’s an opportunity.

    October 13, 2012

    Most organizations are built to solve customer / citizen’s problems or service customer needs, whether it is a non for profit or a small private business or a big enterprise. Some of them directly solve… MORE >>

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