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Muthu Ranganathan
Muthu Ranganathan

Muthu Ranganathan is Director EPM Product Management at Oracle. He manages product management for cloud based products in analytics and planning area. Formerly he has spent about 15 years in software product management /business development roles in SAP, Hyperion, and Ramco. Follow him in twitter @muthurangnathan

  • Product Manager as the Wicket Keeper

    January 04, 2017

          Wishing you all a very happy 2017, may you get the guts and courage to make the change this year. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful cricketers is certainly an… MORE >>

  • 3 Levels of Product Training for growth

    July 18, 2016

      You have crossed the initial milestone of proving your product has seen some initial success, covered the MVP and now its time for growth…what is one key ingredient for growth ? You are the rockstar… MORE >>

  • Write up the Business Plan !

    April 05, 2016

    Most of us have read the famous story about Jeff Bezos’s cross country trip from New  York to Seattle. Bezos founded in 1994, writing up the  Amazon business plan on the way. Jeff’s important advise for startup company… MORE >>

  • Kamal Rajini Analogy : Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneurs

    January 08, 2016

      There is heavy pressure in our industry for everyone to get on the train of entrepreneurship or startup, startup mode is on, Govt is supporting this, communities are on it, and now even banks… MORE >>

  • Should experts be limited to an organization?

    June 18, 2015

     I am a great fan of analogy, and one of the things I have been pondering for past year or so is comparing our software industry with that of medical and film industry. In this post,… MORE >>

  • What you need to make a Sholay?

    February 02, 2015

    I am a great fan of analogies and for software products that we make, I always try to get an analogy as we grow through the journey. In a recent post I had shared the… MORE >>

  • Is your product vitamin, pain killer or vaccine?

    December 24, 2014

    2014 has been a year of great momentum for software products in India and its going north in 2015. As the momentum picks up, thought of sharing some thoughts on a thumb rule that we… MORE >>

  • Competition – Research and Share

    October 24, 2014

    As we build (software) products, the competition is something that we need to stay ahead of, but how?   Especially building products for different markets, you always have others building similar products for probably same… MORE >>

  • Need 9 months to get baby out

    September 16, 2014

    One of the pressures and challenges of working on products is to get it out soon – the release. But I often recollect one of the leaders that I have worked with saying “need 9… MORE >>

  • No. 10 : product manager is for successful products, let’s explore 10 success tips

    September 08, 2014

    Keeping with the world cup fever, where No.10 is center of everything for success, thought of writing this post on success of product managers, who are the No.10 for success of products. Here in plan… MORE >>

  • Bridging Code to Customer Gap

    August 29, 2014

    One of areas I have focused in many years that I have been involved in building and taking enterprise software products to market is, bridging the code to customer gap. This really is the main… MORE >>

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