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ProductNation has been set up by a team of enthusiasts who have created a platform for entrepreneurs, employees and indeed, onlookers to share ideas, ask questions and gain knowledge about various dimensions of the software product business.

  • Learnings from #PNCamp

    October 12, 2016

    For those who aren’t aware, PNCamp is a bootcamp event for early stage SaaS startups. We were lucky enough to get invited to the event in Pune on Oct 8. The event, like earlier SaaSx… MORE >>

  • How AdPushup Uses Content Marketing To Power Growth #PlaybookRT

    October 12, 2016

    Close to about 15 founders gathered on 1st October at the small and cozy office of AdPushup to participate in a Playbook Roundtable on Content Marketing. This was Ankit’s first playbook with iSPIRT and he… MORE >>

  • India Stack for Smart Cities – Usage and Learnings that can be applied

    October 07, 2016

    Sanjay Jain, Pramod Varma, Ranga Raj With a lot of momentum being built around Digital India and Smart Cities, we offer a contrarian view of how government agencies and stakeholders should approach this complex problem…. MORE >>

  • Why Did 33% of Prospects Reply to This Cold Email?

    October 06, 2016

    Cold emails have earned a bad reputation. Prospects see them as a nuisance, and most just hit delete without even a casual read. Even when the message is highly targeted, the open rate ends up… MORE >>

  • #PNCamp2: Shortlisted B2C Products for the Product Teardown Sessions

    October 04, 2016

    The volunteer team here at PNCamp are excited to share their list of candidates for the live Product Teardown Session. These companies have been selected to have their products analysed by our expert panel of… MORE >>

  • Altizon – Impact of Effectuation

    September 30, 2016

    Effectuation ( is a decision-making framework used by expert entrepreneurs. The early morning workshop of PN Camp Introduces this concept and help participants arrive at stakeholder commitments for their product market fit. Vinay Nathan of… MORE >>

  • #PNCamp – No BS feedbacks and teardowns to build great products groundup

    September 19, 2016

    So, you got a startup. Great! You have a product ready and a few users/customers too, Awesome! I am sure you are super excited to take it to next level, right? But thats when the… MORE >>

  • 5 email marketing myths you shouldn’t believe…

    September 16, 2016

    Well, just as any other marketing strategy and methodology is important and it works, the concept of email marketing is equally important. Email marketing is sending emails to a group of subscribers promoting your product… MORE >>

  • Payments 4G (aka UPI) The Best is Yet to Come!

    September 09, 2016

    Last week was a landmark week for all Indians and by sheer coincidence; the country witnessed the launch of two generational shifts. The one that has everyone excited is Jio, a pure, data-only high-speed mobile… MORE >>

  • 5 ways to increase your CTR on blog posts

    September 07, 2016

    For those who don’t know what CTR or Click-Through Rate is, it is the number of times visitors click on the ad placed on your blog divided by the number of views your blog gets…. MORE >>

  • 8 Personal Finance tips for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

    September 06, 2016

    Starting up is hard, make no mistake about it, while media romanticizes startups and mostly talks about the glorious success stories, what goes behind is months and years of toil, frustration, fighting all kinds of… MORE >>

  • India in 2030’s – Impact of India Stack

    September 02, 2016

    The year is 2030. India is a developed, happy democracy. With a population of over 1.5 billion, it has become a role model for other nations, both developed and developing, in putting public digital infrastructure… MORE >>

  • Scalability Vs Sustainability – What should come first for a startup?

    August 31, 2016

    In the highly competitive market today, it seems like a trick question on whether a startup should focus on scalability, which seemed to be a trend until last year, or sustainability. Though one might toss… MORE >>

  • Google Analytics For Particularly Curious SaaS People

    August 30, 2016

    You are what you measure. This is especially true for SaaS businesses. Our goals and endeavors center on user growth, delivering consistent value, and profitability. This again depends on the efficiency with which customers can… MORE >>

  • Instant, Automated, Remote: An Introduction to Digital Credit

    August 27, 2016

    There is today in many countries a proliferation of new digital credit services. These have been especially prominent in mobile money markets in sub Saharan Africa. The poster child has been M-Shwari out of Kenya;… MORE >>

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