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  • Where to use Animated Video Content

    March 15, 2014

    Walt Disney drew the mouse in 1928. That’s 86 years ago ! And until recently, cartoons were for kids. Pixar made adults fall in love with Animation. And pay for it.   It started in… MORE >>

  • Experience. Peer. Learning.

    November 06, 2013

    How can these 3 words go together? Experience is all about failing. We’re competing with peers. And who the hell wants to learn ?? Allow me to sell to you – India’s first true bootcamp… MORE >>

  • 100 minds – 8 mins with each.

    October 22, 2013

    In simple maths, every one of the 100 who saw the videos, was kept engaged for at least 8 minutes. Assuming they didn’t see all of the videos – a sales guy was around to… MORE >>

  • 7 tips to build a script :: a Step by Step guide

    June 25, 2013

    I wish it was mathematical. But it isn’t. There are unlimited combinations when building a story. That’s what makes it so much fun to consume – you never know how the storyteller tells it…  So… MORE >>

  • 5 tips to making a killer product video

    May 28, 2013

    Your product has something worthy – its just that no one reads now. So how do you make your audience appreciate the worthiness of your product. They’re hearing you – but are they listening to… MORE >>

  • Top 10 mistakes Product Entrepreneurs Make

    January 07, 2013

    Inspired from Pallav Nadhani’s interview – this infographic is meant for all those entrepreneurs who dream of building a global product.  From delegating to hiring a sales team and to putting an end to customizing… MORE >>

  • Indian Product owners solving problems that Indian Business Owners are facing

    December 15, 2012

    In the Speaker Lounge at NPC12, I asked Bob Wright what new he saw at the conclave this year. He said this year he sees Indian Product owners solving problems that Indian Business Owners are… MORE >>

  • Your Content MVP fails…. eh?

    November 26, 2012

    About a month ago, I had a very interesting discussion with Rajan from Intuit about why content is a product and how the lean startup rules should be applied to it. Let’s get the definitions… MORE >>

  • 5 speaker quotes @NPC12 & what they mean

    November 10, 2012

    5 phrases I heard and overheard at NPC12 and what they mean. I’m open to a thrash-out on this. 1. “Initially I was skeptical about coming to NPC. Now I want to come here every… MORE >>

  • A KISSMetrics Case Study :: Infographic

    October 31, 2012

    Just look at the money saved by KISSMetrics to achieve a Million Dollar Marketing budget result.

  • Tourism and technology. And Marketing.

    August 12, 2012

    Dubai. Singapore. London Olympics. The Olympics. They’re all large parties. Dubai (8th most visited in the world) knows this – markets itself well, over 7 Million people come there every year, 450 Hotels spring up, they need… MORE >>

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