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Shameen Prashantham

I am an Associate Professor of International Business & Strategy at China Europe International Business School [INSERT HYPERLINK to] in Shanghai. For over a decade I have been conducting research in India (especially Bangalore) and elsewhere (chiefly in China, UK and USA) on how network relationships facilitate the internationalization of new ventures and, in particular, how start-ups partner with large multinationals – which I refer to as “dancing with gorillas”.

  • How “born globals” dance with gorillas to punch above their weight

    October 16, 2015

    For over a decade now I have been studying “born globals” i.e. new ventures that internationalize rapidly, and in particular how these firms leverage relationships with large multinationals to facilitate this process. My studies on… MORE >>

  • How do new ventures succeed in globalizing?

    September 18, 2015

    The globalization of new ventures, be they from advanced or emerging economies, may sound like an oxymoron: how can a young firm with limited resources go global? Research by various academics, including my own for… MORE >>

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