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Shirish is the CEO & Co-Founder of Sapience Analytics ( He has over 30 years of software industry experience in US and India, and has incubated and led several IT companies through rapid business growth. He has a US patent, has filed recently for two more, presented ten technical papers, won several excellence awards.

  • How Acquisitions proceed

    June 27, 2014

    Acquisition opportunities arise through design or by chance. As your company profile improves, bigger players may approach you if they perceive a complimentary relationship. That could be a large competitor, who has been losing key accounts… MORE >>

  • Product Pricing – The biggest mistake companies make is to fix the price based on their costs

    February 18, 2014

    There is no magic formula for pricing a product. You can make a start by getting answers to these queries: Can you estimate the value to customer in terms of increased revenue or cost savings?… MORE >>

  • Common Questions about Founders

    December 30, 2013

    Is there a right age to become an entrepreneur? Any age is a good age. The founders of Microsoft, Google, Facebook started their companies when they were very young. Steve Jobs, who founded Apple at… MORE >>

  • Success Factor: Idea with Business Potential

    September 09, 2013

    Every engineer dreams of building his/her own product. Most ideas don’t progress any further, either because it was idle thinking, or on further reflection, they become less interesting. When a concept refuses to die, and… MORE >>

  • A product company can begin earning revenue only after the product is built.

    August 08, 2013

    A product company can begin earning revenue only after the product is built. Significant upfront investment is required in engineering and sales. As revenue picks up, expenses continue to mount for ongoing development and sales,… MORE >>

  • Platforms and Verticals—What to Build on and for Whom

    July 12, 2013

    An important decision is about development and deployment platforms. If your product is targeted for a specific operating system, the choice is obvious. When the solution has to be platform neutral, or if the deployment… MORE >>

  • Product positioning and sales strategy must be approached the way an army fights a war

    June 24, 2013

    To position the product, you must first have clarity on the addressable market and its breakdown in terms of different industries or user communities (let’s call both of them as ‘verticals’ for simplicity). Then analyze… MORE >>

  • Why will Someone Pay to Buy Your Product?

    May 06, 2013

    In this blog post, we discuss ways and means to reach out to prospective clients, position the product, license and price it. However, the question that founders must ask and answer convincingly to themselves is… MORE >>

  • Building the Product Right

    May 01, 2013

    The foundation of a product company is in its IP. An idea is only as good as its implementation. Start-ups face twin pressures of building the right product and doing it in time. The broad… MORE >>

  • Cloud Services and Mobile Apps

    April 12, 2013

    In addition to vendors of traditional on-premise products that are shipped or downloaded via web, a different generation of providers is fast emerging. They are leveraging new technologies and business models, often interchangeably referred to… MORE >>

  • Why More Indian Software Product Companies will Emerge

    February 22, 2013

    Any discussion about building products from India is lost in the hype and din about India as an IT services powerhouse. However, the mostly unnoticed surge in product start-ups marks the beginning of a new movement,… MORE >>

  • Build it Right, then Sell it to Many (and Keep Repeating)

    February 16, 2013

    Building a software product is more difficult than doing projects or providing services. With projects, software is developed to meet the exact specifications of the client. Work begins only when the contract is signed. The… MORE >>

  • Product Business is Very Different from Services

    February 09, 2013

    What is the difference between software services and products? Why is it important for India to be developing products? First Invest, and Then Reap The business cycle in a services company starts with sales, and… MORE >>

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