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  • Product Teardown at the “SaaS”y Day at Chennai: Chapter 2 on SaaSx3

    April 04, 2016

    The sea breeze was cool. And the SaaSy people went cool as well. Kiruba unleashed some tricks for networking that had the participants engaging in banter, fun and games on the lawn. It also wore… MORE >>

  • It Was a “SaaS”y Day at Chennai: Chapter 1#SaaSx3

    April 03, 2016

    The April sun wasn’t evident at the beach side locale, near the historic town of Mamallapuram, which hold relics of exceptional beauty on its rocks sculpted under the patronage of the Pallava kings. Had it… MORE >>

  • Jump Start Your SaaS Business by Selling to US Market: Learn the Nuts and Bolts from Whodunnit

    March 26, 2015

    Are you a first time SaaS entrepreneur targeting the US market? Learn it from the masters through the Jump Start Guide to Desk Marketing and Selling for SaaS put together by Krish Subramaniam (Chargebee), Niraj… MORE >>

  • Growth Hackers Will Share Their Secrets at SaaSx Chennai

    March 25, 2015

    This Thursday evening will witness the largest gathering of SaaS founders in India. In the event conceived by iSPIRT called SaaSx Chennai, more than 100 people, largely SaaS founders, apart from a few handful of… MORE >>

  • How to Structure Sales and Marketing in a SaaS Business

    November 05, 2014

    The discussions continued post-lunch in the Playbook Roundtable led by Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and founder of Freshdesk, organized at the Freshdesk office in Chennai. During the extended session, Girish outlined the sales and marketing structure… MORE >>

  • Innovate on the Product, Not on the Business Model

    October 14, 2014

    Entrepreneurs from Bangalore had no problem driving into Chennai amid a tense political situation in Tamil Nadu. There was an air of expectation and enthusiasm on the part of more than 15 entrepreneurs who had… MORE >>

  • Product warriors, pick your battles!

    December 13, 2013

    The first question that I asked iSPIRT volunteers running PNCamp, the first ever bootcamp exclusively focused on product entrepreneurs in India, was why Pune? They pointed to Dilip Ittyera whose greying strands of hair masks… MORE >>

  • What Makes a Good Product Manager: Lessons from Doers

    November 19, 2013

    For solo product entrepreneurs and product teams that are caught in a vicious cycle of build, release, build release, we bring some insights from “doers” that will help them differentiate through the demanding skills of… MORE >>

  • Fifth iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable: Product Manager, the Skill in Demand

    June 12, 2013

    It is a cliché to say product management is both art and science. The product manager’s function encompasses a range of tasks, only limited by the company’s vision. Deep Nishar, Senior VP, Products and User… MORE >>

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