• ProductNation Network

    Fullerton India – Revolutionizing India

    At a time when “Cloud” was still a buzz word and “Platform as a Service” as a category didn’t exist, Fullerton India was looking  for the next generation computing technology to help them build business… MORE >>

    Sep, 19
  • Bob Wright

    Get Your Story Straight

    What do top technology companies have in common? Think about SalesForce, IBM,VMware, Workday, Apple, Riverbed, Cisco.  What separates market leaders and category creators from the rest of the pack? They tell powerful stories. Stories matter. We see it over and over… MORE >>

    Jul, 05
  • Sridhar Vembu

    The Product Business is Like the Movie Business

    I read the cover story in Forbes on the success of Dropbox, which is set to do about $240 million in sales in 2011, with only 70 employees. As Forbes points out, that is about 3x… MORE >>

    Jun, 11
  • Nari Kannan

    Enterprise Applications – Thousands of app “snacks” instead of “full meal” applications?

    Today was the second time I am hearing that the future of applications in enterprises are thousands of small apps instead a hundred or two applications! I was listening to the CTO of Computer Associates who… MORE >>

    Jun, 06

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