• Krupesh Bhat

    How To File Patents In India?

    A patent is a form of intellectual property defined as “a government authority or licence conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or… MORE >>

    Dec, 13
  • Sharad Sharma

    Patent shift: Hope for IT innovation, not litigation

    One of the persistent threats to India’s software product ecosystem is from the constant push by MNCs for allowing software patents in India. India’s nascent software product industry is growing rapidly and is on a… MORE >>

    Mar, 21
  • Venkatesh Hariharan

    Software Patents FAQs for Indian Startups

    A couple of months ago, you might have noticed press reports where iSPIRT took a strong stance against software patents in India. The global experience with software patents has been that it leads to increased… MORE >>

    Nov, 23
  • ProductNation Network

    Open Source leaders discuss innovation, entrepreneurship and software patents.

    Rohini Lakshané attended “Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Our Digital Culture” in Bangalore on August 13, 2015. Major takeaways from the event are documented in this post. Prof. Eben Moglen on FOSS and entrepreneurship The culture… MORE >>

    Sep, 08
  • Taron Mohan

    Who owns the Copyrights on a product?

    The Company where the engineers are employed for product development OR the Company employing them OR the product development team ? This is an oft arising question in the software industry and of great relevance… MORE >>

    Aug, 14
  • Taron Mohan

    Sold your company / Business ?? How to protect and handle the IPR transfer ??

    As an entrepreneur launching a business in the IT and Software industry, one has his hand full with beating the competition and managing the overheads. The race is tough enough without employees stealing million dollar… MORE >>

    May, 15
  • ProductNation Network

    How do you handle customer requirements of “depositing” product source codes?

    In todays exacting times, large corporations like to secure their business continuity on IT products and services sourced from smaller companies, by seeking access to the basic product source code. While the smaller IT companies… MORE >>

    May, 05
  • Anurag Bist

    What is your company’s IP Score?

    In the scramble to get to market, protecting the IP of your invention sometimes takes a backseat. This is a mistake and one that can have potentially damaging long-term effects. In this article we examine… MORE >>

    Mar, 04

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