Discovery Hack Playbook Series – Effectuation – Experiential Workshop

In Early Stage Startups – What to do next ?

Early stage startups and first time entrepreneurs face many challenges that are unprecedented in nature.
– How to know which discussion (customer, vendors, mentors) inputs to keep and which to ignore ?
– How to make confident decisions when very little information seem to be available and the stakes are high ?
– How to navigate your way through when so many options seem to be available ?

Many successful entrepreneurs have navigated this challenges with ease. These entrepreneurs believe that “The part of future I can control I do not need to predict it”

Decades of study of successful entrepreneurs has led to the finding the entrepreneurs think effectually and not causally. The studies have to led to identification of 5 key principles of Effectuation which when applied help entrepreneurs improve the odds of success.

Prof Saras Saraswathi from Darden University who has founded these principles through rigorous research will be conducting a experiential learning workshop on Feb 5 to select Indian product entrepreneurs.

This workshop is an extension and continuation from PNCamp discovery track playbook discussion. To maximize the effectiveness of the experiential workshop will have only 10-15 participants.

The event will be held from 10.00 to 3.00 pm on Feb 5 at iCreate office in Koramangala. Please do confirm if you are able to attend this by filling the form.