• Pramod Varma

    Era of Open APIs

    APIs are important public goods that must be done right. They must not be held captive to commercial interests. This is why iSPIRT is helping Government in this area. iSPIRT’s work is inspired by Open Source movement and IETF methods. It fits with our charter of creating public goods without public money.
    GSTN teamOur Open API effort is based on some core principles:
    – Like IETF, iSPIRT is not a member organization. Participation is “People, not companies”.
    – “Design is a team sport”. Focus is on building a modern architecture for country-scale technology systems.
    – iSPIRT API Teams have people who are “Competent experts that are completely free of conflicts”.
    – Technical decisions emerge from intense discussion. They are informed by prototypes, not theory. Motto is: “Code walks, bullshit talks”.
    Today Economic Times carries an article about this Open API effort.  The article conveys the progress that we are making. More is on its way.

    Source: Economic Times

    We will soon be launching a micro-site to build engagement with your community. Watch this space.

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    • Yogesh

      One of the most successful API and earliest API that was built way back
      in 95, again because of a PSU ( UTI )is called “CTCL” and today is
      synonymous with Indian capital market. One of the key reason Indian
      capital markets became “STP” enabled much before Nasdaq and enabled
      couple of products company in India to blossom. One of the best
      examples to show case the benefits of open API’s,

    Jun, 01
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