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    Going Digital – A simple framework

    Today, everyone talks about going Digital. Renowned strategy and customer experience consulting firms have renewed themselves as Digital Transformation agency. Softskill trainers have become Digital marketing consultants. Large industrial conglomerates have become Digital industrial company by a creating a platform for Digital aficionados to develop custom apps.

    New roles such as Chief Digital Office, Data scientist, Experience designer, Digital evangelist and many more. What are these roles to do with? Where should I start my Digital journey?

    Here is a very simple framework!

    Going Digital


    To keep up the Brand promise,always deliver

    Speed (Adopt Agile & DevOps)

    Accuracy & Authenticity ( Create Cognitive / Sentient Systems)

    Codify ‘Trust’


    1. Book titled ‘Disrupting Digital Business’ – Ray ‘R’ Wang
    2. Book titled ‘Leading Digital’ – Didier Bonnet
    3. eBook titled ‘Digitally Remastered’ – CA Technologies

    Guest Post by R Ragavendra Prasath, a volunteer for iSPIRT. An avid reader, wannabe entrepreneur and Digital enthusiast…! He tweets @ragavendra1

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    Mar, 09
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