• Srivardhini K Jha

    Indian Mid-market SaaS companies: Forging a new path to disruption

    SaaS has changed the competitive dynamics for Indian enterprise software product firms, putting them on a level playing field with their western counterparts. It has opened up new market segments, notably the small and medium sized enterprise market, whose requirements are different from those of large global 2000 businesses. These customers demand products that are less complex, plug-and-play and come at a lower price tag. This has pushed product companies catering to this segment towards a light-touch, virtually enabled model, dramatically reducing the need for close customer engagement, large field sales force, and elaborate implementation – all of which traditionally put Indian companies at a disadvantage.

    Leveraging this wave, a new generation of Indian software product firms such as FreshDesk, FusionCharts, KissFlow, WebEngage, RecruiterBox and others have started to emerge. This has created an important disruptive force in the mid-sized enterprise market. What is also interesting is that, in their pursuit for a light-touch model, these companies have evolved a unique strategy to define the product, market/sell the product and engage with customers. This iSPIRT report discusses the three core tenets of their strategy – Digital immersion, Desk marketing/selling and Cloud-based customer engagement.

    Exploring Mobile Moments and Building a Consumer Strategy for your App
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    • http://www.sahilparikh.com/ Sahil Parikh

      We are on the same path with Brightpod.com from here – selling to marketing teams and departments across the world.

    • Deepak Balakrishna

      Nice article – wonderful and to the point. Amidst all the hype and focus on consumer focused startups, it’s good to see an article on enterprise focused startups which IMO, while not as sexy, are more durable over time.

    Oct, 30
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