Kicking off the Second Edition of Pre-Entrepreneur boot camp #ArthaSiddhi

So for all the folks who were eagerly waiting for the second edition (there were few who sent us requests through email and twitter), your opportunity is here. (For new folks take a look at this blog post to get some context)

There is lot of media hype around entrepreneurship now.  It had been dramatized, sensationalist and devoid of some key facts. This can be quite confusing to folks and can mislead folks into making a wrong decision. This bootcamp is aimed at looking at the realities of entrepreneurship minus the drama and focus on what happens inside an Entrepreneur’s head. It focusses on getting the clarity and leads them away from the predictions, projections and the hype. Listen to one of the testimonials from Rohan who is amongst the first one to graduate

We (Prasanna, Rajan, and I) had great fun anchoring this program and designing models for scalability and co-creating the program with ten incredibly smart folks.  This program, started as an experiment after many IVC (Idli Vada Coffee) discussions with Sharad and Prof. Saras, has taken quite a good shape now.

Before you sign up though, please consider the following;

  • This is not a passive listening program. Participants are expected to complete tough tasks that push them out of comfort zones. In first batch the completion/graduation percentage is only 33%.
  • Please plan for in-person sync up sessions of 2-3hrs a week, over 10 weeks on Sundays/Saturdays.
  • The program is targeted at folks who are serious about a idea/domain that they would like to start-up. Ideal participant is a person who would start-up within a month or two of the completion of this program, or is running a serious business on the side.
  • The selection process depends on who you are and your motivation amongst other things (Acceptance last time has been around 25%), so take care of filling the form in detail.

The program starts mid August; Please signup using this link