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    Launching Pune Chapter of iKen, pre-Entrepreneur bootcamp !

    After much experimentation elsewhere we feel confident and glad to Launch iKen in Pune on November 13th.

    Please check the original blog posts on iken history at the blogs below.



    At a high level iKen is a 6 mandatory weekend (and access to an year of sessions) toastmaster style bootcamp around entrepreneurial skills.

    We had a pilot session in October and glad to find many high quality entrepreneurs willing to put their weight behind this chapter to retain the essential nature of  the program that is “By Entrepreneur For Entrepreneur”.

    To gain more information about the program please take a look at stories of entrepreneurs who attended the program.

    Please signup at https://ikenstartup.com/pune-bootcamp-applications/;

    We deliberately limit the size to a very small group to make better impact. 

    Contact/Tweet @doshi_darshan for more information.

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    Nov, 04
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