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    Launching RSPCT(quarterly event brought to you by iSPIRT & Jaaga) for the next generation of software developers

    We are looking for Bangalore based founders and senior developers interested in getting to know the next generation of software developers coming up in the Bangalore tech scene now. RSPCT is a quarterly event brought to you by iSPIRT & Jaaga. We ask people to come to the events regularly (every 3 months) so you can get to know the individuals over time. We will be recognizing upcoming software developers by the public artifacts of good code they generate on the internet. These include certificates and badges from online computer science courses like CodeAcademy and EdX. We also recognize people’s rankings in online code competitions like HackerRank and CodeWars. Lastly we recognize open source contributions people make.


    We invite you to speak briefly about your startup and why you would be good people to work with. More importantly we invite you to talk with young people at the event. Share your experience and suggestions with them. By establishing an ongoing connection advancing young developers it will be easier to recognize when it would be good to work together.

    The future of the Bangalore tech scene is with the young people who are just learning to write software now. This is an opportunity for the more senior members of this scene to engage with them.

    Apply to come as a Startup Founder / Senior Developer

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