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    LurnQ: Indian startup that’s building a personalised MOOC

    Update: Some readers have asked for information about MOOCs. A (MOOC) massive open online course is an online educational resource that is available for open access via the web. MOOCs originated around 2008 within the open educational resources (or OER) movement. For more, refer to the Wikipedia link.

    Online learning is undergoing a paradigm shift and this Forbes article is a pointer of the shape of things to come. Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity, Udemy etc are growing into large public platforms and likely to give competition to universities and colleges in the years to come.  

    LurnQ is an Indian startup that is building a personalised learning management solution which can aggregate and curate content from the web. The key part of LurnQ replicates an experience that everyone is familiar with – using a user’s preferences to aggregate content from the web and display it like a Facebook newsfeed (see screenshot). This is a smart strategy and takes advantage of the the benefits of recognition (rather than recall).

    The LurnQ platform consists of different applications that are bundled together into a SaaS platform. The core of the platform is a repository of web content from established MOOC sources like Coursera, Udacity, Khan Academy etc. There is a learning app that displays content in multiple formats – video, slides, multimedia. And a teaching app that gives teacher the capability to put together a course.

    The site has over 5000 registered users and is growing socially over 100% every month via Facebook (without ads). They also run a student ambassador program. And here’s a list of LurnQ lessons if you want to check them out.

    For monetization, LurnQ is aiming Freemium. The core consumer product will remain free at all times  for learners and teachers. A premium version will be available for private or closed community deployment by individuals and organizations. Pricing details are still in the works.

    For targeting growth, LurnQ plans to extend the Student Ambassador Program and drive teacher side adoption through special initiatives aimed at teachers. On the application front, they want to focus on viral features (follow lessons, users, Invite friends etc). Also possible is the route of content partnership with conferences. Mobile apps are planned at a later stage to drive on the go consumption across devices.

    LurnQ looks like a refreshing idea and a spin on what others are doing in the MOOC space. The first challenge they face is getting to a threshold for their user base. The adoption of the newsfeed as a core experience is likely to help in viral growth. Though the homepage is a logged in experience and departs from the design pattern that characterises Web 2.0 user generated content platforms… this might prove an impediment to quick user acquisition.

    Here’s wishing them the best in their efforts.

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    • Mridul Pattnaik

      Everything sounds good like UI, UX, team….but in this field the core thing is content, even if lurnQ plays as aggregator it can do well, because now there are so many places where you can find content that it has become very difficult to figure out; which one is best for user. Nevertheless concept is good i just hope that they dont play completely in the content market ( for the love of god ) .

      • http://www.facebook.com/ramesh.nidadavolu Ramesh Nidadavolu

        Hi Mridul,

        We are in fact considering aggregation as a possibility. Thats why the feed is called “Learn Feed” – Expect outside content in the “Learn Feed” in the near future. We believe aggregation will work very well. (And is great for mobile)

    • pavan gaikwad

      Major issues with how user is navigated after registration. Flow is confusing/ambiguous. Kept me stuck at pages, had to put in some thought on how to navigate further. Otherwise, looks really good and interesting.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ramesh.nidadavolu Ramesh Nidadavolu

        Hi Pavan,
        Thanks for the feedback. We are working on our navigation. It will get better very soon.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daura.nuvazova Daura Nuvazova

      Using this platform for couple of months – great pastime! Useful and entertaining

      • http://www.facebook.com/ramesh.nidadavolu Ramesh Nidadavolu

        Thanks Daura. Glad you liked it.

    • Dinara

      From my experience LurnQ is one place to find variety of data, depending on your interest. Wanna see, how it will get developed in future!

      • http://www.facebook.com/tarun.mitra.in Tarun Mitra

        well LurnQ will deliver something to learn whenever you are interested in your learn feed ..

    • Vrushali

      What if I want to read some technical content that by the way is not on the list of LearnQ, ….is there a way to write about some technical content and post it there…what are the options…

      • http://www.facebook.com/tarun.mitra.in Tarun Mitra

        well you can use the teach app to create a opinion or lesson on any subject you like

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