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Drinking from the firehose at iSPIRT PlayBook Roundtable...
User By: Ashish Bhagwat
When nearly two dozen product enthusiasts sit around a table passionately talking for 4-½ hours,...
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5 Essentials of SaaS Revenue Models for Product Companies!
User By: Nari Kannan
Enterprise as well as Consumer Software is moving fast towards a Software As A Service (SaaS) model...
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Users or Customers?
User By: Sangeet Paul Choudary
If you've been around the internet startup world for long enough, you've probably engaged in the user-customer debate at least once. Who's the user?...
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To open source or not…
User By: Arun Saxena
Ashok was perturbed. In Jan 2006, an eastern European company had taken his source code, made minor changes and started selling it under an...
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Featured Product
Hike Messaging App – 5M users since 12/12/12, and counting!
User By: Mrityunjay Kumar
BSB is a start-up funded by Bharti & SoftBank building mobile products for the Indian market. Hike is a messaging app which allows instant...
Andy is a mobile robot platform that uses a Smartphone at its core.
User By: Avinash Raghava
Andy is a personal robot enabled by the intelligence of an Android Smartphone or any Android device. Personal or hobby robots till...
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Brainstorming Session about cross-border M&A
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