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Announcing ProductNation OutSights
8 Truths why IT Services Organizations cannot do ...
User By: Ashok Kapoor
The bread and butter of the Indian IT Industry has been IT Services. IT Services, as the terminology...
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6th iSPIRT Playbook RoundTable: Challenges in building a global software product company 
from India
Action Plan for increasing M&A opportunities for Indian...
User By: Jay Pullur
Indian product companies punch below their weight. Despite huge innovation and rising ...
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India's Need For Entrepreneurs and the MindSet
Why #Hashtags are the future of monetizing social media
User By: Sangeet Paul Choudary
You can't invite people to a party and try to sell them stuff. Pretty much every starry-eyed startup ...
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Product positioning and sales strategy must be approached
Stories are Better Than a Feature List
User By:Arun Saxena
You're at an event, and you're ready. You know your product inside out. You know the competition. ...
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More Interviews
#PNMeetup – Showcase your Product & Get Advice from leading CIOs
User By: Avinash Raghava
Why just 'knowing' your customer is not enough
User By: Sairam Krishnan
Crowdfunding In50hrs: India's Idea-to-prototype Event Platform
User By: Vijay Anand
How to think about a product startup progress ?
User By: Thiyagarajan M
More Interviews
Effective Product Mgmt & Delivery: Benefits and Applications in Startup - Led by Sridhar Ranganathan, 13th July, Hyderabad. (Few seats left)
Positioning and messaging for Product Entrepreneurs - Led by Shankar Maruwada, 20th July, Chennai (Few seats left)
Assisting product entrepreneurs in their readiness for a successful M&A - Led by Jay Pullur & Sanjay Shah, 1st August, Bangalore (Few seats left)
Global lean sales model - Led by Varun Shoor, Paras Chopra & Pallav Nadhani, 3rd August, Gurgaon (Few seats left)
B2B sales to review their current sales structure and sales processes - Led by Srirang Srikantha & N R K Raman. 3rd August, Bangalore (Few seats left)
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