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M&A is critical for the Product Startup ecosystem in India
User By: Manjunath Gowda
Small $20-30m M&A transactions are the lifeblood of Silicon Valley. Over 400 such transactions...
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Which feature to prioritize first ? – Wrong Question
User By: Thiyagarajan M
When building a product it is very easy to make a list of features to build. One could brainstorm...
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How Much is your Company Worth? – A Valuation ...
User By: Nari Kannan
When you see Yahoo offer $1.1B in cash for Tumblr or it pays $30M for Summly, the reactions...
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A product's success goes beyond its features
User By: Arun Katiyar
It is an irony of sorts: the more things get real, the more they need to go virtual; and the more virtual they get, the more there is a need to balance the two with Augmented Reality. That is the case with events. As events – trade fairs...
You are not supporting a device, you are supporting people
User By: Peter Yorke
Founders of iYogi, Vishal and Uday have a candid chat with ProductNation about how they started the company and the reason for their success in the support space. They assist more than 2.5 million individual and small ...
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How to get your product's content marketing juggernaut in place
User By: Sairam Krishnan
5 tips to making a killer product video
User By: Sameer Agarwal
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