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#ReversePitch "The day VCs pitch the Startups"
User By: Avinash Raghava
Depending upon who do you ask the question, the answer to "Indian Startup ecosystem...
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Building a Business
10 Rules for Effective Product Company Advisory Boards!
User By: Nari Kannan
Advisory boards are rarely meant for fixing fundamental flaws with business plans...
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Featured Interviews
LurnQ: Indian startup that's building a personalised MOOC
User By: Amit Ranjan
Update: Some readers have asked for information about MOOCs. A (MOOC) massive open online course is an online educational resource that is available for open access..
How educational content and live demos got 7,000 websites using WebEngage in 15 months
User By: Sanket Nadhani
I believe one of the best ways to learn marketing and business in general is to learn from other people's successes...
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Is the Economist right in saying...we need more from the Government?
User By: Nari Kannan
Mar 21st, 2013
What makes a great product manager for an internet company in India?
User By: Mrityunjay Kumar
Mar 11th, 2013
(M&A Connect - Position Paper)Increasing M&A opportunities for product startups
User By: Jay Pullur & Sanjay Shah
Mar 08th, 2013
When was the last time you talked to your users?
User By: Rakesh Mondal
Mar 19th, 2013
Intersting Points
Indian Products- Creating a market
User By: Chaitanya C
Learnings from the 4th #PNMeetup - Making your product go viral on a low marketing budget
User By: Nakul Saxena
Entreprenuers should't sweat small stuff!
User By: Pawan Thatha
Announcing the First Playbook Roundtable: Positioning and messaging for Product Entrepreneurs
User By: Sanket Nadhani
iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable: Positioning and messaging for Product Entrepreneurs
iSPIRT Playbook Roundtable: Effective Product Mgmt & Delivery: Benefits and Applications in Startup
#PNMeetup: Design great products through experiments – Product Leadership Workshop
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