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Why will Someone Pay to Buy Your Product?
It's time to open the gates wider
User By: Naveen Tewari
There is a growing nervousness among foreign investors putting their money in India. The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index 2012...
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Why Business Models Fail: Pipes Vs. Platforms
If you really have to enter the US market – some do´s
User By:Sanjiv Sinha
A few weeks back I had written a post on entering the US market. It was very gratifying to see the...
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Transforming a nation with products
Don´t Build Something Unless Someone Is Willing To Pay For It
User By: Nikhil Kulkarni
If you really have to enter the US market – some do´s and don'ts
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Featured Product
How Visual Website Optimizer got to 2,500+ paid customers through great content and rigorous A/B tests
Indian companies have a poor conversion rate of ideas into innovation because of a lack of structured processes'
User By: Shashi Bhagnari
Sridhar D. P. Founder & CEO and Dr. Shankar Venugopal, Chief Mentor, Thatva, say their company's vision is to be a true enabler of...
Q&A with Cloud-Based Telephony Company Exotel
In the next 3 to 5 years, Jamcracker seeks to leverage and contribute to India's product ecosystem, and bring the latest...
User By: Shashi Bhagnari
Set up in 1999, Jamcracker develops and markets software, services and an ecosystem of cloud services that enable customers to become...
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When was the last time you talked to your users?
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Challenges with building a global software product company from India - 15th June 2013
Intersting Points
Promoting Design Thinking in the NCR
User By: Nishant Jain
Experiencing the product, or productizing the experience?
User By: Ambarish Gupta
Redbox – A Fine Example of Integrated Physical and Virtual User
User By: Nari Kannan
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