Bootstrapping is tough. Most of the time things take three times longer than...
"Bootstrapping is tough. Most of the time things take three times longer than...
Jyoti Ramnath
Continuing our journey to bring to limelight bootstrapped entrepreneurs from India, we got a chance to speak with Rushabh Mehta... MORE >>
How to hire like a hacker
How to hire like a hacker
Titash Neogi
In my past several years of running Themeefy, I have gone through many hiring cycles. Over time I have learnt that there is a particular strategy or set of things,...
Product Camp brings hot product topics to the fore
Need 9 months to get baby out
Muthu Ranganathan
One of the pressures and challenges of working on products is to get it out soon – the release. But I often recollect one of the leaders that I have worked with saying "need 9 months... MORE >>
Bridging Code to Customer Gap
Cloud Based #MadeInIndia Accounting Software
Ankit Dudhwewala
Cloud based Accounting Software are becoming increasingly popular for small and medium business. There is no hassle of installing it, the data is safer on the cloud ... MORE >>
Bootstrapping – What To Do When You Get Rejected #BootUpINDIA
Understanding tech play in the B2B (business to business) Space
Radhesh Kanumury
The last few years of my time I spent in IBM was in the space of B2B. Here are some of my observations during my consulting and interactions with the B2B companies over the years... MORE >>
How Companies Use Big Data to Help Their Customers?
The Changing Landscape of Inbound Marketing and Why Should Marketers Care!
Samit Arora
Traditional Marketing – including advertising, print media, branding and corporate communication – isn't the same anymore... MORE >>
Simple Dynamic Pricing for Mobile Games and Apps
9 Things that I learnt while bootstrapping in India
Rajat Garg
Bootstrapping is hard especially in India! It takes a toll on founders as well as people around them. No fancy corporate trips, no room for slack, myriad things that can go wrong and on top of it... MORE >>
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