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The march of the product brigade!
User By: Ganesh Natarajan
For the last fifteen years and more, there has rarely been a meeting of visionaries and practitioners in the IT industry where somebody does not offer the...
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Building a Business
In praise of the Sales Playbook
User By: Sanjiv Sinha
There have been a lot of posts recently on the need to have a well-defined sales process: something I heartily endorse, by the way. The challenge often in...
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Collective Learning
Part 2: Emotionalizing the software products .. Uh…what?
User By: Arun Saxena
Microsoft built test tools in Visual Studio 2005 to address a virgin $2 billion test market at the time. ...
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Collective Learning
Events Landscape 2.0
User By: Sharad Sharma
About four months ago, most of the core volunteers that had built NASSCOM Product Conclave into a successful event gracefully handed over the keys...
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Interviewstreet's Role in Recruiting Software Developers
User By: Kathleen Goolsby
Launched in 2009, Interviewstreet's recruiting tool helps companies hire software programmers. It was...
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Building a Business
Corporate Trainings are now Fun and Digital, thanks to MindTickle
User By: Rajagopalan C
MindTickle – ranked by Business Today as India's coolest startups – is a gamified social learning...
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Collective Learning
Protect your Enterprise Network by infected BYOD – A disruptive product from i7 Networks
User By: Krishna H.S
Manjunath Gowda (Manju), CEO if i7 Networks,...
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Why so few posts despite such large number of views? - Badri
What kind of discussions do you want on this forum? - Arun Saxena
How to form and use an Advisory Board especially for Product Companies?
- Nari kannan
iSPIRT ProductNation Playbook RoundTable on Sales.
iSPIRT Playbook Messaging RoundTable - What does your brand stand for?
NASSCOM Product Conclave - 29-30th October, 2013
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