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    Mr. Sikka, you are right.

    Mr. Sikka, you are right

    For any of you who may have missed Vishal Sikka communication to Infosys employees on the new year, read here.

    The problem that Vishal Sikka is alluding to is largely connected to the identity of our IT Industry today. We’re the ‘outsourcing’ destination for the world – and companies like Infosys actually helped create the concept of ‘outsourcing’. This is precisely what is getting disrupted by automation and AI. The term “outsourcing” itself is facing obsolescence.

    Clearly, the Indian IT story can no longer be about cost arbitrage. Let’s not forget that India is also a huge, untapped market with enormous potential for disruptive ideas. Amazon and Uber will probably paint a very different picture of India than Infosys or Wipro.

    Also the next wave of technological thinking is emerging. API-driven ecosystems, Low- code app development, design-led growth, and the impending data explosion with IoT are shaping the future for us. These mega trends are giving rise to a new breed of smaller and nimbler companies that are uniquely positioned to create products and services for a new breed of enterprises around the world that are ‘born digital’. At Pramati, we’re looking at these markets. And the future looks fantastic for us.

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    Jan, 06
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