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    What is that we have to build?

    Every now and then, we hear people arguing about building “Microsoft” and “Google” of India. Companies like Microsoft, Google have built up incredible technologies and their contributions in improving our life is significant. When started,… MORE >>

    Nov, 01
  • Sameer Agarwal

    A KISSMetrics Case Study :: Infographic

    Just look at the money saved by KISSMetrics to achieve a Million Dollar Marketing budget result.

    Oct, 31
  • Sanjiv Sinha

    Does your customer know what you are talking about?

    Let us face it, technology startups are often founded by geeks, employ geeks and hence are, more often than not, geekdoms. There is tremendous value in it. However, there is a significant downside to this… MORE >>

    Oct, 31
  • Nari Kannan

    Expect a Microsoft, Google or facebook out of India? Won’t happen unless we THINK BIG!

    When VCs from the US flooded into India about 5 to 10 years ago, they were expecting to invest and make happen, a number of Microsofts, Google and facebooks! They ended up buying shares of… MORE >>

    Oct, 29
  • Arun Katiyar

    10 No-Brainer Marketing Lessons for Nerds

    Marketing a product is always tricky business. Step into a marketing discussion and it invariably ends with, “Should we really be spending so much on marketing? Isn’t there a better (read: cheaper) way to do… MORE >>

    Oct, 29
  • Peter Yorke

    Pallav Nadhani’s list of Top 10 mistakes entrepreneurs make…(Part 2 of 2)

    Pallav Nadhani, CEO and Co-founder of FusionCharts, was just 17 when he started the data visualization product company in 2002. The company today is one of India’s most successful product stories and happens to be… MORE >>

    Oct, 26
  • Sangeet Paul Choudary

    How to Build a Great Product by Removing Barriers to Usage

    Product creators often tend to think of products in terms of features. I’m not talking about the traditional myth of “more features is better” that got debunked a long time back. Product creators still think… MORE >>

    Oct, 25
  • Rajagopalan C

    Your neighborhood mom-and-pop Shop is an SBI Branch, thanks to EKO

    It is not a usual day if Bill Gates pays a surprise visit to your office. And if the Microsoft Founder spends two hours understanding your business and your product, you might be onto something… MORE >>

    Oct, 24
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