• Sangeet Paul Choudary

    How to Build a Great Product by Removing Barriers to Usage

    Product creators often tend to think of products in terms of features. I’m not talking about the traditional myth of “more features is better” that got debunked a long time back. Product creators still think… MORE >>

    Oct, 25
  • Rajagopalan C

    Your neighborhood mom-and-pop Shop is an SBI Branch, thanks to EKO

    It is not a usual day if Bill Gates pays a surprise visit to your office. And if the Microsoft Founder spends two hours understanding your business and your product, you might be onto something… MORE >>

    Oct, 24
  • Praveen Bhadada

    The Product Ecosystem in India is at the Inflection point…

    We have been long hearing that the product ecosystem in India is at the inflection point and will grow significantly over the next few years (different consultants look at 2015, 2020 or 2025 to be… MORE >>

    Oct, 23
  • Peter Yorke

    Find out what inspired Pallav Nadhani to start FusionCharts on their 10th anniversary.(Part 1 of 2)

    Pallav Nadhani, CEO and Co-founder of FusionCharts, was just 17 when he started the data visualization product company in 2002. The company today is one of India’s most successful product stories and happens to be… MORE >>

    Oct, 22
  • Soumitra Dasgupta

    A great product ends up creating its own market by typically disrupting an industry or creating a new one – Archit Gupta, ClearTax

    Here’s an interesting story about a young entrepreneur who put his personal life ahead of cool, calculated business decisions and went on to create a very successful IT Products Business. Going back in time –… MORE >>

    Oct, 20
  • ProductNation Network

    NPC is the most successful volunteer driven conference in India…Sharad is yet another volunteer.

    In recent years the Indian Software Product industry has seen exponential growth in terms of revenue and people. The industry has matured to a state where numerous entrepreneurs have built successful companies that are becoming… MORE >>

    Oct, 19
  • Rohit Nadhani

    The upper hand of the desi entrepreneur

    Everyone knows that India is a tough place to start a business. India is at #132 among 183 countries in the ease of doing business index. A lot has been said about the disadvantages of… MORE >>

    Oct, 19
  • Sanjiv Sinha

    Just open the door for me, I can close the sale

    In the course of my career, I can’t remember how many times I have heard some version of this phrase from entrepreneurs. In fact, there is a thriving industry that has grown to service exactly… MORE >>

    Oct, 19
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