• Sanket Nadhani

    3 objectives your homepage has to accomplish

    As a tech startup, your homepage is the first encounter a visitor will have with your business. The first real encounter. And as a business, what is it that you would like to convey during… MORE >>

    Oct, 17
  • Ganesh Natarajan

    Towards a glorious product nation!

    The biggest success of the IT industry in the country has also been its biggest challenge. The phenomenal rise of the Software services industry led by global leaders like TCS Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro and… MORE >>

    Oct, 16
  • ProductNation Network

    Let the world know about your software product

    You’ve spent months and days and hours conceptualizing your product and then taking it to market. You’ve won the first few customers who are now stable and you’re thinking about what next…if you’ve achieved this,… MORE >>

    Oct, 15
  • Sharad Sharma

    Software Products Industry: Transforming India at Large

    In my mind transformation is something that takes place when there is a significant change that happens and a whole genre of populace move from one condition or state to another. It is palpable, widely felt and… MORE >>

    Oct, 14
  • Nari Kannan

    Do not decide what your REAL Product Strategy is until you have Version 1.0 ready! Be Ready to Pivot!

    In 2006, folks at the company Odeo were brainstorming ideas for a new software product that they wanted to develop. They came up with the idea for “Twtr” for sending SMS-like messages to groups of… MORE >>

    Oct, 14
  • Jainendra Kumar

    New generation of solutions will emerge in coming few years that will change our lives and it’s an opportunity.

    Most organizations are built to solve customer / citizen’s problems or service customer needs, whether it is a non for profit or a small private business or a big enterprise. Some of them directly solve… MORE >>

    Oct, 13
  • ProductNation Network

    NH7 Launches Festival Guide Mobile App – Festivapp At #NAMA

    NH7.in, the music streaming and discovery platform focused on independent music, has launched a mobile festival guide app called ‘Festivapp‘. The app was showcased at #Alpha, the product and startup showcase at #NAMA conference. Festivapp is currently available as… MORE >>

    Oct, 12
  • Ashish Bhagwat

    Why aren’t more developers creating serious Mobile App Products?

    These are the times, when every third person that you meet in Technology world has an idea for an App. It could be every alternate person if you’re hanging out in geeky groups or among… MORE >>

    Oct, 10
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