• ProductNation Network

    5 reasons why you should NOT attend #SaaSx4

    SaaSx4 is here! It is an event for SaaS founders, by SaaS founders. Generally, event invites to entrepreneurs focus on why it is imperative to network and learn at the event. SaaSx is different though…. MORE >>

    Mar, 02
  • Rahul Goswami

    From Bootstrapped to Angeled : Is it your idea or product ?

    You’ve shaped up your business idea to flag off. You have a pool of talent believing in that idea and lined up with working prototype with feedback. Now, it’s time for funding to take your… MORE >>

    Mar, 01
  • Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

    Survival is not enough: #SaaSx4

    Note: SaaSx is an invite only event, for SaaS founders, by SaaS founders.  Are you ready to push beyond SaaS survival? Are you all set for Chennai on March 17th? The SaaS world is changing…. MORE >>

    Feb, 28
  • Sudhir Singh

    Place of Effective Management (POEM) of a business

    Finance minister had announced during budget 2016 that place of effective management (POEM) will determine if a company is resident in India or not. Accordingly, this was notified in Finance ACT 2016 as under. The… MORE >>

    Feb, 23
  • Avinash Raghava

    Survival is not enough if you are a SaaS founder in India

    In an explosive SaaS market with entries from all over the world, survival is not enough. “Survival is not Enough” is the theme of #SaaSx4, scheduled for 17th March in Chennai, and like last time we are… MORE >>

    Feb, 17
  • ProductNation Network

    Why No One Responds To Your Customer Success Managers

    Who am I writing this for: people who are building or managing a Customer Success function. What’s my key point: your CSMs need to provide value, and for that it’s better they specialize based on industry… MORE >>

    Feb, 13
  • Thiyagarajan M

    Startup Playbook for Potential Strategic Partnerships

    We spoke to couple of Indian product founders (who went through M&A or strategic investments) and friendly lawyers to extract advice on tips that they will keep in mind when making their next deal. Two key… MORE >>

    Feb, 10
  • ProductNation Network

    How limited access to paid tools as a startup made me realize the need for a community

    When I started out as an entrepreneur the journey was fueled by big dreams that were perhaps a bit too daring. It wasn’t smooth sailing and early days were tough. Life in a startup is… MORE >>

    Feb, 09
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