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    Disruption of Chit Funds and the Role of the India Stack.

    Chit Funds are indigenous financial institutions in India. It is a mechanism that combines credit and savings in a single scheme. In a chit fund scheme, a group of individuals come together for a predetermined… MORE >>

    Jan, 11
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    Strategies for MNCs Engaging with Start-ups in Emerging Markets

    For large global companies, forging effective partnerships with high-potential start-ups is easier said than done. The very traits that make such start-ups potentially complementary as partners also make it difficult for large companies to engage… MORE >>

    Jan, 10
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    Action For India’s 6th Annual Forum invites FinTech startups

    Just about two months ago, the nation attempted the massive ‘demonetization’ initiative at an unprecedented scale to clean-up illicit money and move towards greater economic equity and justice. As a consequence, the realm of digital… MORE >>

    Jan, 09
  • Jay Pullur

    Mr. Sikka, you are right.

    For any of you who may have missed Vishal Sikka communication to Infosys employees on the new year, read here. The problem that Vishal Sikka is alluding to is largely connected to the identity of… MORE >>

    Jan, 06
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    PAY-IT-FORWARD PARADOX… The More You Give, The More You Receive

    Ever noticed how the busiest of people are often the ones that find time more easily than others? It is about making the time versus having the time! When you make time despite busy schedules… MORE >>

    Jan, 05
  • Muthu Ranganathan

    Product Manager as the Wicket Keeper

          Wishing you all a very happy 2017, may you get the guts and courage to make the change this year. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the most successful cricketers is certainly an… MORE >>

    Jan, 04
  • Krupesh Bhat

    Simplified Incorporation And Documentation Procedure

    Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has further simplified the ease of doing business in India by introducing SPICe forms to further digitize the company registration process. The form INC 29 was originally used to incorporate… MORE >>

    Jan, 02
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    BHIM (Android/*99#) & AadhaarPay

    This afternoon the Prime Minister unveiled BHIM – an Android app from NPCI with an equivalent USSD-based *99# service. Additionally, recently one of the banks launched AadhaarPay – a capability that allows merchants to collect… MORE >>

    Dec, 30
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