Playing with the new Electricity – AI/ML Playbook Sessions

[Update] Symposium RT is rescheduled to 10 March 2018 as we are confirming the expert Mavens for the sessions. Other dates will be updated shortly.

“Tectonic” market shifts happen every few years creating a change in landscape, market and opportunity. The most recent “tectonic” shift is the emergence of the Artificial Intelligence era. In just the same way electrification in the early 1900s transformed major industries globally, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning are poised to transform a multitude of industries, services & products.

It took 100 years from the discovery of electrical generator to electrification of industries. AI is doing this in a span of 70 years (from the time of the Turing Test).

AI/ML has gone through many winters and is now in its eternal spring. It portents a new framework for startups to navigate and evolve from an internet era startup into an AI era startup.

Every new era shift begins with a lot of smoke and hype before it is well understood. iSPIRT ProductNation & Julia are launching a series of AI/ML playbook roundtable & workshop sessions to dispel the hype around AI, break the myths, and help bring a pragmatic mindset & process change necessary for product startups to leverage AI/ML. These 2-step playbooks are for all categories of startups regardless whether they are in direct AI / AI-First, SaaS, FinTech / HealthTech / <Domain>Tech, or any other category, startups who can leverage and apply AI models with their data to create superior value for their customers. These deep sessions will focus on the impact & opportunities of AI on businesses, process of working with AI, AI/ML adoption strategies relevant to your context and enabling strong AI/ML tech competency within your teams.

The 2-step playbook roundtable sessions focused on founders (+1 typically CXO) + tech workshop are a sequence of:

    • AI/ML Symposium RT (step 1) – An invite-only 3 hour mini-symposium playbook with AI/ML & Julia experts, first mover AI leaders & Mavens from our startup community and 15-20 invited startups, focusing on Why AI/ML? How to identify the opportunities to leverage AI? What do you need to get started with AI (if not already running)? Data needs for AI/ML investments… The shared awareness created in this session, combined with the commitment by startups to articulate their AI/ML opportunity, and detail their approach will lead to the next AI/ML roundtable.
    • AI/ML Playbook RT (step 2) – Startups at similar AI readiness from the Symposium will be invited for a 5 hour deep-dive roundtable discussion on the AI/ML opportunities in the context of the startup domain, effectively going through an AI/ML readiness/approach review & teardown, covering data collection & modeling strategy, AI transformation algorithms… This session is restricted to 6-10 startups (having similar needs) per roundtable. Invited startups will be required to be ready with their approach for a deep-dive review & peer feedback in true roundtable style. The outcome for each startup would be to develop an action plan/checklist for next few months of execution. Additionally, startups can identify a tiger tech team to go to the AI/ML Training Lab to get traction for their checklist…
    • AI/ML Training Lab with Julia Sandbox (on need basis) – A 3+ day workshop intended for the 3-4 person tiger tech teams (CTO, Engg, Data guy, PM…) from each startup. The workshop will help focus on building competency, getting traction & executing implementations related to the checklist developed at the roundtable.

For the first set of these playbooks, we are inviting nominations/applications for startup founders (+CXOs) who are either directly focusing on AI-based opportunity or have started integrating AI/ML as a core strategy for their product growth/success. Please provide your nomination for startups you believe should be part of the first series of the AI/ML playbooks. If you are a startup and interested to be part of this please register below. On final approval, an invite confirmation will be sent via email.

Please submit your nominations here. A registration link will be sent to your nominee.

Dates & Venue for the first of the series:

AI/ML Symposium RT – 10th Mar (Sat) 2p – 5p @ Accel Partners (Bangalore)
AI/ML Playbook RT – end Mar/early Apr-TBD (Sat) 11a – 5pm @ TBD
AI/ML Training Lab w/ Julia – Apr-TBD @ TBD (Bangalore)

While the sessions are in Bangalore, we believe this topic is of emergent interest to startups across the country and would invite all to register.




All iSPIRT roundtables are pro-bono (read below for how that works)

This series of playbooks is being actively setup by our Mavens & Volunteers, Ankit Singh, Deepak Vinchhi, Karthik KS, Praveen Hari, Ravindra Krishnappa, Sandeep Todi

P.S. Some great material for pre-reading

Strongly recommend all to go through many of these.

* All iSPIRT playbooks are pro-bono, closed room, founder-level, invite-only sessions. The only thing we require is a strong commitment to attend all sessions completely and to come prepared, to be open to learning & unlearning, and to share your context within a trusted environment. All key learnings are public goods & the sessions are governed by the Chatham House Rule.

* The Julia team is on a social mission to train a large number of people in India to develop grassroot skills and competency with AI & ML.

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