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    #PNMeetup – Showcase your Product & Get Advice from leading CIOs

    We are pleased to partner with APAC CXO Forum to put together the 8th #PNMeetup in Noida.  If you have a brilliant Enterprise Product and you just know that its the best out there, here is an opportunity for you showcase your product and get one hour of quality one-on-one time with the CIO community. In this one hour, you not only get a chance to showcase your product to the CIOs but also get one-on-one mentoring/guidance on product strategy, Go-To-Market (GTM), scaling and sales among other things.


    Please click on the following link to apply. Alternatively, send us an email at pnmeetup(at)pn.ispirt.in 

    Only 3 companies will be selected so that each startup gets quality time of one hour with the CIOs.


    Your application will be vetted by the CIOs. Final selection of companies will be done by the CIOs themselves.

    We are expecting some very senior and eminent CIOs in this session, supported by APAC CXO Forum. The session is scheduled for 20th July in Noida. Stay tuned for more details.

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    Jun, 27
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