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    Speaking at PNCamp – Dhiraj Kacker(Canvera) and You

    Get to hear speakers at conferences every day, don’t you?

    Delivered over the mike, broadcast mode.

    Speak speak, no listen.

    It won’t happen. Not at PNCamp

    Because when folks like Dhiraj Kacker are at PNCamp, it’s not to share their story but to listen to yours. And to help you make your story the stuff that conferences are made of. Dhiraj is going to be at PNCamp. Are you?

    Dr.Dhiraj Kacker - 4 (square)

    Apply here if you haven’t done so already. If you have already applied, you don’t need to do it again. We shall be in touch with every single person who wants to be at PNSummit. We’re just taking a little longer to get similar folks into the room so you can benefit from sharing with people who have similar problems. Stay tuned – here’s the latest on the PNCamp blog.

    What India needs is a bootcamp for existing Product folks
    ProductDossier – An integrated platform for project planning and execution

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    Oct, 30
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