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    SaaS #MadeinIndia Products – Social Media

    As Batman (or a CEO, Founder, Partner) would want somethings to be done, or not done, and especially with a plethora of multiple social media channels to be on, a marketing guy, or a social media girl, or anyone handling social media for a company will always have a tough time.

    So, then what is the solution? Well, a lot of smart made in India products have come out solving this same problem for a bunch of businesses. To manage all their social media accounts in 1 place, be it Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

    So we created a list again of SaaS products made from India, specifically focussing on solving this problem around Social Media, this list is not exhaustive, and we hope to get a lot of feedback on more companies and products from you, so please drop in a comment or email us and we will add those companies as well.

    Some of them are (in alphabetical order):

    1. Crowdnub – Build and launch your rich custom-like Social app in minutes. Re-purpose, re-use, the smarter social app platform.

    2. Beevolve – All in one Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Software

    3. EaseSocial – EaseSocial automates all your social media campaigns. It allows you to view all the online conversations about your brand and products in real time.

    4. Grabinbox – Manage multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

    5. Konnect Social – Monitor & analyze all brand conversations from one simple tool.

    6. Mangoapps – MangoApps uniquely combines Enterprise Social Networking, Team Collaboration tools and Intranet pages into one breakthrough product.

    7. Markitty – making online marketing on social media easy.

    8. MuHive – Customer Engagement on Steroids

    9. SaltSocial – Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Dashboard for agencies and organizations.

    10. Simplify360 – World’s first 360′ Social Media Marketing Suite

    11. SocialAppsHQ – Social media monitoring, actionable analytics, engagement tools, viral apps and so much more in one easy-to-use platform.

    12. Sokrati – Propel engagement and conversations via Social Media Marketing.

    13. Unmetric – The Social Media benchmarking company for brands.

    14. ViralMint – Viral Marketing and customer acquisition platform around social.

    If you have any other suggestions, and we have missed out on any, please help us further, email us or put in a comment.

    The next SaaS #madeinIndia products focus will be on business phone systems.

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    • http://www.facebook.com/rajatgarg Rajat Garg

      Good list – didn’t know that many existed!

    • http://pokeandbite.com/ Sanket Nadhani

      Business phone systems? I know of some 😉

      Good list. Keep it going.

    • http://twitter.com/kkirank Kiran Kumar

      Vijay, you left Crowdnub out :-) Crowdnub allows you to make rich custom-like facebook apps in no time.

      • Vijay Sharma

        Woops, added!

      • Vijay

        Very sorry, honest mistake, added it now.

    • Artone1


      • Vijay Sharma


    • rohandighe

      Thanks for adding us to the list! cheers! :)

    • Priyanka Joshi

      Thanks for adding us to the list! Cheers! :)

    • Himanshu Sirohi

      Thanks for adding us to the list. The article was written in March and since then, EaseSocial has seen a lot of changes. We will be launching the new version of EaseSocial soon!

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