Screeny — Delete space consuming screenshots easily!

So that you can make more space for your photos and memories.

Being a designer, one is always looking for inspirations, working on ideas, trying and testing various versions of designs, giving feedback to the team, and all of this results in an unattended collection of… screenshots!

Using a 16GB iPhone a year and a half back, I asked a question on twitter “Is there an easy way to delete all my screenshots?” All answers led to a long process of connecting to iPhoto and filtering the photos and screenshots, primarily because iOS did not allow delete access to the core camera roll. That however changed with iOS8 and thats when we built our own app called Screeny. (that too in Swift!)

Screeny’s sole purpose is to find screenshots and give the user an ability to delete them easily. Why do I delete screenshots? Because it was taken at one point of time — to share, review or point out something and then forgotten over time.

Version 1

From a design standpoint we wanted to keep it super simple. The value addition to someone using Screeny, is not about how many screenshots have we found out, but how much space we can save for you. Which means more space for your photos (of cats) and memories with friends and family.

Version 2.0
Version 2.0

The next part is reviewing the screenshots themselves. You can select and delete them all! That said, there are times when you are working on a project and need them as references or for reviews/feedback. So we added in filter criterias which allow you to select all screenshots, except for the last 15 or 30 days. Shake to unselect all? YES!


Could we have given the ability to delete all photos and not just screenshots? Yes. But I did not want that. Somehow photos are more precious to me. We know photos consume space and the space in your phone is limited. So we subtly indicate, that there are photos which are older than 3 months and are consuming xxx(GBs?) space. So you can take a backup and delete those photos if you wish.


Screeny is available in the AppStore and we would love you to check it out and give us your feedback. If you think some of your friends need this app do share it with them as well ☺

Guest Post by Sonaal Bangera, EffectWorks.