• Avinash Raghava

    Do we have the DNA to build great products in India?

    For the last two decades I have followed global products and success stories, and a question constantly in front of me is why India has very few globally comparable products and even fewer category leaders?… MORE >>

    May, 14
  • Ravi Padaki

    Product Camp brings hot product topics to the fore

    Product camp is a unique event format where attendees get to drive the agenda. It is borne out of the bar-camp or un-conference movement that started in US and spread to other countries across the… MORE >>

    Sep, 04
  • Nari Kannan

    7 Ways to Avoid Your Product Company Becoming a Services Company!

    Product companies (especially those focused on the Enterprise) always face pressures, primarily that of cash flow in the earlier years, forcing them to take on more services components. This is especially true in countries like… MORE >>

    Mar, 12

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