• Deepa Bachu

    Diversity with Collaboration Unlocks Innovation and Drives Business Growth

    “Diversity is an intellect multiplier, especially when the diverse groups can collaborate well” – Mark Sareff This year the International Women’s day was a different experience for me, no panels stating gender diversity facts most… MORE >>

    Apr, 18
  • ProductNation Network

    Design Thinking- The UnConference way

    Gerard Butler and his army of Spartans walking down the stone corridors of the beautiful and mythical surroundings of IIM-B paint a beautiful picture. It’s really not too hard to picture them there, blending in… MORE >>

    Aug, 18
  • ProductNation Network

    Crafting experiences, which are awesome. by design #DTSummitBLR

    These are exciting days for us at Pensaar. The Summit, which we have planning for a while is right around the corner. Here’s what you can expect from our Summit workshop (Phase1 on 15, 16… MORE >>

    Jul, 05
  • Deepa Bachu

    Design Thinking: When creativity and process come together

    Design Thinking as a mindset and process that is starting to get its’ due attention in the US. In India however, it is lesser known and in most cases, an after thought. What is Design… MORE >>

    Dec, 09

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