• Avinash Raghava

    Do we have the DNA to build great products in India?

    For the last two decades I have followed global products and success stories, and a question constantly in front of me is why India has very few globally comparable products and even fewer category leaders?… MORE >>

    May, 14
  • ProductNation Network

    The Need for Product Thinking and Successes

    “The role of a product manager is to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible.” – Marty Cagan, Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group In a few simple words, this quote capture the essence… MORE >>

    Jan, 13
  • Rishikesha Krishnan

    India to transform into a software product nation

    The Finance Minister’s recognition of software products as a distinctive category which can propel India forward as a product nation could well mark a new era in India’s industrial development. At the time of independence,… MORE >>

    Jul, 17
  • Kailash Katkar

    Government recognizes the Software Product Industry

    The fact that the Finance Minister specifically underscored the Software Product Industry (SPI) in his maiden budget speech is testimony enough of the Government’s resolve to make significant and dramatic changes to achieve rapid economic… MORE >>

    Jul, 16

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