• ProductNation Network

    The power of a question

    A few days ago, while I was discussing a rather critical business solution with one of my colleagues, I noticed that there was a strange circularity to our conversation. I kept trying to convince him… MORE >>

    Jul, 03
  • Manju Nanjaiah

    Indian Regulator SEBI meets Software Product Startups.

    How often has this happened? An entire team from Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) with its Chairman Mr. U.K. Sinha meeting with Software Product startups in Bangalore to understand their challenges and also… MORE >>

    Jan, 02
  • Akash Jain

    19th #PlaybookRT – Insights on the Indian Product Ecosystem

    This #PlaybookRT was led by Shivku, techie and founder of Exotel. The theme ‘The Ship of Theseus’ was inspired by the movie released in 2012 and also by a team in TCS that used to… MORE >>

    Oct, 21
  • Avinash Raghava

    Q&A with Cloud-Based Telephony Company Exotel

    Exotel  Techcom “Cloud telephony product for SME’s which is like many others but we have a different approach in our problem solving.” says Shivakumar(Shivku) Ganesan, its Founder. Currently Exotel focuses on offering an easiest and fastest way to… MORE >>

    May, 03

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