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    The last list – the final 25 #PNgrowth companies.

    This is it, then. The last announcement of #PNgrowth 2016 is here. We have now the entire 200 companies who will get together in January for the inauguration of what is the most ambitious mentorship programs for startups ever put together in India. We now have about half a month to go, and it would be great if the companies talked to each other, think about what they want out of this, and discuss stuff. We have set up a Facebook group just for this, and we will be taking pointers for program design from on there, so be sure to get on it.
    For further announcements, you can follow us here or on the Facebook group itself. 
    25-founders-collage-8th batchSo here we go, the last 25. #Pngrowth 2016 is well and truly on!
    Sivaram Subramaniam of CavinHR
    Puneet Sharma of Bugclipper
    Satish Kamat of Jambuster
    Jay Thaker of sumHR
    Salar Bijili of Cuecontent
    Hari PK of Bigfoxx
    Dr. Shikha Suman of Medimojo
    Sanjay Shah of Zapty
    Nikhil MS of Clusterzap
    Sumesh K Menon of Winds Business solutions
    Vinay Simha of Amiya
    Kavita Khandadia of Mytripkarma
    Vivek Beria of Whizzwifi
    Dharam Mehta of Wedwise
    Saurabh Saha of Talentpegs
    Ish Jindal of Hellotars
    Arvind Batra of EventsHigh
    Satish Kashyap of AlgoEngines
    Subrat Kar of Vidooly
    Vishal Singhal of Artzolo
    Nitin Chadha of Sride
    Suraj Goyal of Printbindaas
    Sarang Lakare of Intouchapp
    Rittvij Parekh of Pykih
    See you all over there!
    India Stack takes the Digital India campaign to a whole new level
    Nominations are open for MINT MIT Innovators Under 35

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    Dec, 16
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