Top 10 reasons why NASSCOM Product Conclave is #unique this year #NPC2013

1.       Speakers who you will not be able to hear any other place in India. While most other conferences will get you the name-brand speakers or practitioners from India, we went far and wide to get you Rahul Sood (head of Microsoft Ventures, founder of Voodoo PC and entrepreneur), Orna Berry (SVP of EMC, a very successful entrepreneur and Charles Phillips (CEO of Infor, previously at Morgan Stanley and board of directors at Oracle) and 4 more high quality speaker who will not be speaking at any other event in India.

2.       The global business and startup #quiz – the funnest session on the planet. If you are a startup junkie and have a knack for trivia, team up with fellow entrepreneurs and participate in the global startup quiz.  This session promises to have you learn the most useless of trivia, but those that you cannot forget.

3.       The largest gathering of payments experts in India in one place. The #payments track is hosting the top 10 investors, companies, entrepreneurs and innovators all working on sharing with you opportunities in payments in India.

4.       Enough talk, more demos. 25 of India’s best mobile applications, SaaS solutions, a few robotics and hardware companies and very early stage payment companies will demo their solution live to give you a flavor for building awesome applications. Some of them will be launching for the first time.

5.       Open your eyes to the largest opportunities in the biggest markets. For those looking to startup a new company or those already in their own startup, NPC features the large opportunities and the future of Automobile technology, Salesforce application platforms & medical software technologies.

6.       The funniest two technologists will share their top secrets to being spontaneously creative and funny while still being in your startup. Twitter celebrity Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) and Blogger Krish Ashok (@krishashok) will take you through their recipe for building great stories and still keeping your mind fresh.

7.       One word – BitCoin. Even if you don’t know what it is, or are an expert miner you will see for the first time in India any session on the future of this digital currency. NASSCOM product conclave will feature the session on giving you an overview to bitcoin and its implications on the future of currency.

8.       The best 3 workshops on Design – for the design oriented developer by Intuit, on the design of mobile applications by Source Bits and the design philosophies of award winning designers from Cleartrip.

9.       Networking with Angel investors from the world over who have invested in startups from India – and are looking for interesting opportunities. Early stage angel investors from Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, London, Indonesia and Sri Lanka will be there at NPC. This is the only conference where we are providing a more structured means for you to connect and talk to them about your startup.

10.    The most advanced topics on sales – from making a move from an engineer to a sales person, to the best way to split your base and commission compensation for sales professionals. There’s also a workshop on getting started with your inside sales led by 2 folks who have grown from INR 0 to INR 50 Cr. in revenue. The track also features startup sales managers who have grown their sales teams and will share their hands-on knowledge of how to hire and manage sales people in India.

This year’s NPC promises to help you learn from your peers, get inspired by successful entrepreneurs and network with the right folks to help you build great products- you gotta be at NPC this year.

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