• Sameer Agarwal

    Tourism and technology. And Marketing.

    Dubai. Singapore. London Olympics. The Olympics.

    They’re all large parties.

    Dubai (8th most visited in the world) knows this – markets itself well, over 7 Million people come there every year, 450 Hotels spring up, they need software to automate, a company like Knowcross benefits. (they sell to Hospitality)

    Marketing brings footfalls.

    Singapore (5th most visited in the world) knows this – markets itself well, over 11 Million people come there every year, over 900 hostels, each needs to manage its room iterniary, a company like Kayako can tweak its tool to make a killing.  A web based inventory manager with social plugins.

    Marketing discovers opportunities.

    London Olympics 2012 – the queen knows this – hires James bond to provide masala. 8.8 Million tickets were sold and now everyone wants an App for everything. A company like Trellisys should benefit.

    Marketing generates money. 

    Why would you not invest in Marketing? What does Sales bring?

    Want mass media coverage? Dumb down your story.
    The frustration of “lack of progress” with your product

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    Aug, 12
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