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Rohith Veerajappa
Rohith Veerajappa

I'm the Co-Founder at Wow Labz & the Founding Organiser at Lean Startup Machine.

  • Month on Month, Quarter after Quarter, there is only 1 thing a startup needs to do.

    November 03, 2015

    “Grow at a rapid pace!” Meet Shashank ND, Founder and CEO of Practo. Practo is a hyper-growth healthcare startup which has managed to raise $125M in three round so far, from the likes of Tencent, Sequoia,… MORE >>

  • Why WebEngage’s CEO @avlesh wishes #PNgrowth existed a few years ago?

    October 02, 2015

    WebEngage is probably the most important product startup from India’s business capital Mumbai – it builds customer engagement tools for SaaS businesses, is very popular and successful, and is used by thousands of businesses worldwide…. MORE >>

  • Growth is a bitch!

    September 25, 2015

    Capillary Technologies is an information technology company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Established in 2008, Capillary is present in about 30 countries with over 200 enterprise customers. In this short candid chat with Aneesh Reddy, the… MORE >>

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