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Vijay Anand is the Founder of The Startup Centre, an Early Stage Accelerator for Global Startups based in India. He is a serial entrepreneur, dabbles quite a bit in technology and shares an interest and love in solving real world problems, building great products and in business model innovations. You can follow him on twitter (@vijayanands) and on Angellist (

  • How does Net Neutrality Play a Part for India’s Product Ecosystem?

    April 17, 2015

    If You are connected to the Internet, Social Media or any form of media, you must have heard about Net Neutrality and the protests that are going on. While it feels like iSPiRT hadn’t officially… MORE >>

  • Bootstrapping, not an excuse for being cheap #BootUpINDIA

    September 01, 2014

    I witness the scenario on both sides of the table.  A startup provides a solution to a problem; solves it elegantly. And makes it seamless for its users. They use a few other products too… MORE >>

  • Crowdfunding In50hrs: India’s Idea-to-prototype Event Platform

    July 02, 2013

    I am in the middle of building two platforms. One being The Startup Centre, the older one, and its younger sibling In50hrs. In50hrs does get a bit of my attention, partly because I find my soul being… MORE >>

  • How to Become a Super Associate

    June 08, 2013

    Being an Associate in a Venture Capital firm is a dead-end job*, that you can’t leap without entrepreneurial experience. And, entrepreneurs hate you for your pesky, clueless mails. Here’s hoping to help you out –… MORE >>

  • Collating Problems Worth Solving

    April 07, 2013

    In my experience working with Entrepreneurs for the past 9 odd years and possibly have seen a few thousand startups, there is one key attribute that instantly sets apart the startups that just might make… MORE >>

  • The Business of Accelerators

    April 06, 2013

    Accelerators are in the business of creating Startups – or atleast taking the first bet. Its a startup of startups; Which means, everything they talk about as risk, in venture capital nicely gets bundled up… MORE >>

  • Are you a Tech Startup? You are part of a Fraction

    January 27, 2013

    I remember this TED talk by Hans Rosling as he echoed the sentiments that I’ve heard working closely with Market Research firms: Even with quantitative data, you have to be careful because as much as they are… MORE >>

  • India has a drought – not of Investors, but Customers

    December 08, 2012

    I came across this rather misleading article by a New Investor in town, that India has a Series A drought. I think its a bit sensationalist and misleading and drinks a bit of his own coolaid and… MORE >>

  • Demo Days: Obsolete. Over-Hyped. Disaster

    October 02, 2012

    If we were going to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, comparing accelerators, here is my biggest gripe about “Accelerator Models” – Demo Day. For the fortunate, who aren’t aware of the Process, this… MORE >>

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