• Ahimanikya Satapathy

    #BootUpINDIA – Giving Independence to Indian Startups!

    Being Independent is a fundamental right of all living being. But, as entrepreneurs and startups, when we face tons of challenge and deal with sheer hardship we end up submitting to various ideas that may or may not resemble our need.

    Think about why you become an entrepreneur in the first place –  what is it that you wanted to solve and how you are creating value. The support system around us tends to make us believe that there is always one way to excel. So we start with a dream and then end up getting formated to a belief that we never subscribed to.

    As an entrepreneur I wanted to build a business and I wanted to make money. But creating value has been always on top of my head. Solving a real problem and finding someone to pay for it is not such a hard thing, as long as you stay with the problem instead of dreaming to become rich overnight. There is no shortcut to success. There is no easy path.

    So Bootstrappers, rejoice!

    Finally, there is something for you that celebrates your independence.

    BootUpINDIA is for you. So, spread the word. Get your friends to apply.


    BootUpINDIA is the result of intense internal discussions within iSPIRT. Check out how we think about these issues and sharpen our thinking about making the ecosystem better in this video

    Happy Independence Day! BootUpINDIA today!


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    Aug, 15
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